Forklift Truck Training Swindon & wiltshire


Welcome to Essential Forklift Truck Training Services

Essential Forklift Truck Training Services is an AITT Accredited training provider, based in Wiltshire, offering professional on-site forklift truck operator training courses throughout the UK.

All of our courses tale place at YOUR own premises and are designed to provide the operator with the basic skills and knowledge to operate the truck safely and efficiently.

The benefit of training has been identified and proven to reduce accidents, cut operating costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

We will provide you with operator training to the highest standards at prices which you will find are very competitive.

On Site Training

All courses are conducted at your premises on your trucks, removing the need for candidates to travel and allowing your workforce to gain valuable experience on the truck they will be operating within the workplace.

On Site Requirements

A forklift truck in safe and sound working order available for the complete duration of the course.

A supply of stackable loads and empty pallets set aside from the main working area.

Access to a room in which the theory sessions can be peacefully conducted.

Uninterrupted attendance by all trainees throughout the entire course

Forklift Truck Training Swindon and South west